Systems for fibreglass and composite materials

Our systems are designed for the processing and polymerisation of composite materials with automatic PLC-controlled systems. Electrically-powered resin polymerisation ovens with software management and operating formulas.

We create gel-coat painting booths, manual or automatic resin booths and grinding dust extraction booths, along with automatic tank reinforcement systems.

The systems are designed according to the highest standards of quality, safety and security whilst also offering ENERGY SAVINGS.

The design and construction of industrial furnaces and ovens are in accordance with the specific requirements of each client to render every production unique and special.

The use of high-density insulation materials, gas combustion systems with direct “air vein“ technology for exceptional efficiency, the use of motors with the highest efficiency classes plus the experience accumulated over 40 years on the market all render SAVIM painting systems the ideal solution in terms of energy savings, reliability and technology.

If you are in need of a painting system, you will find the ultimate TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER in SAVIM!

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