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We boast many years of experience in the design and installation of industrial powder and liquid coating systems, all customised to suit the space, production and needs of the client.

We have always aimed to expand and improve our technical, production and service structure in order to best respond to the constantly-changing needs of the finishing market.

Thanks to over 2,000 installations in more than 35 years in operation, we have achieved an outstanding national and international position, growing together with many of our clients. Some of these clients, thanks to our installations and continuous collaboration with updates and assistance, have become national and global leaders, gaining much recognition and appearing in major trade magazines.

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A family business

Founded in 1984 by Renzo Scavini, SAVIMis a manufacturer of industrial painting systems hat have evolved over the years, from liquid painting systems for large parts to painting systems for medium-sized parts then powder painting systemsthat have rendered research into reducing energy consumption and increasing safety in the workplace essential.

Renzo Scavini

Founder and Honorary President

“I have always included my children on the company’s growth path. When they were young, they would do their studies then in their free time, they devoted themselves to the company that is now theirs. I see a rosy future ahead. My children are always present, even on Saturday mornings. On my way out in the evenings, whenever I see the lights on in the office, I go up and have a coffee with my daughter or son. This brings me much confidence. In 20 years’ time, I may or may not be here but I do think SAVIM will be here.”

Francesco Scavini

Chief Executive Officer

“Today, we are building a young and modern company by delegating responsibilities amongst ourselves, so that we do not experience the company in a way that is too stressful, as it used to be for the founder who bore on his shoulders the responsibility of having to and wanting to oversee and manage everything. The three siblings have a very good relationship. We have always found the right compromises without letting the idea of one person prevail over another and we have always managed to work in harmony. My father used to take me with him to visit clients. When I think about it now, it’s quite strange, since I don’t see other clients or salespeople bringing children into the company … my father used to do that.”

Marina Scavini

Chief Financial Officer

“The thing that enthuses me most is the beauty. It seems a bit unrelated to the world of mechanics and painting but painting completes a product. It is the final component that highlights the contents and finishes it off, giving this sense of completeness and beauty.
The good fortune of being in the Valpolicella area, in the midst of vineyards and this wonderful land, is also an inspiration and if the mind is sound, it can obviously create better and everything will be more harmonious.
The approach that we have and which our parents passed on to us is to always take small, mindful but steady steps. There is the ambition of a company that grows by doing well, by working well, for us, our employees, the families in our area.”

Nicoletta Scavini

HR Quality & Safety Manager

“My sister always says that we were raised on company bread and that is true, since we’ve been around the company from a very young age. Some employees who are still here remember when my father used to bring me to the office and would say: “Oh, he’s brought in his little girl!” and now, the little girl manages the employees in the company, so … that’s nice. What’s more, we are investing a lot in training people in terms of their well-being in the company. We have a very nice project on company welfare, on professional well-being, and we are coming up with lots of ideas that will make the company a workplace in which you feel good.”

An exstensive history, since 1984


Foundation of the company
Acquisition of the second site on Via Genova
First ISO 9001 Quality System certification
First certification of the BS OHSAS 18001 Safety System
Introduction of new 4.0 technologies
Inauguration of the new headquarters on Via Venezia
First major international supply
The second generation enters the company’s management
35th Anniversary
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